Interpretive Media Laboratory (IMLab)

Interpretive Media Laboratory (IMLab)

Project Management, Technology Consultant, and Researcher

The Interpretive Media Laboratory (IMLab) is an on going collaboration with California State Parks to explore how technology can be used as a conduit to engage and give a voice to the surrounding community through collaborative design processes. Over the past two years I have project managed or lead many aspects of this project, from working directly with  California State Park’s staff on designing and implementing  park IT infrastructure, managing the LA State Historic Park building that will house IMLab infrastructure including:  IT, sound, interactive systems, and larger scale immersive display systems.

Additionally, I managed the design and installation of a full scale mock-up, seen in the video below, of the LA State Historic Park’s Welcome Pavilion in REMAP’s research space in downtown Los Angeles. This included working with architects to translate building plans into a set design, working with a scenic designer to build the mock-up, facilitating the installation, designing and installing the person tracking system, designing and installing multiple projectors for projection mapping, and aiding in the development of the interactive interfaces used in the mock-up.

More information can be found on the IMLab website, or on the LA State Historic Park website. 

Below are artist renderings of what the LA State Historic Park Welcome Pavilion: